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About The Wise Wellness Toolkit

The mission of the Wise Wellness Toolkit is to support and nourish resilience, well-being, and healing and to:

  • EMPOWER: Empower people with simple, practical, trusted health and wellness tools that anyone can learn and can begin practicing at any time.

  • EDUCATE: Highlight a foundational set of life skills for the body, mind, and spirit to help navigate and flourish in our challenging world.

  • INSPIRE: Inspire transformational wellness journeys toward greater physical and emotional resilience, individual and and collective healing, connection, joy, and renewal.


Blending Eastern and Western psychology with lived experience and the latest science, the Wise Wellness Toolkit brings you a collection of wisdom on mental health and well-being from a range of top-notch sources, with the following ideas in mind: 

  • EMPOWERMENT: Empowering ourselves to take an active part in our own health brings us greater well-being.

  • CHOICE: It's a part of the human experience to encounter stressful life challenges in our health, prosperity, or relationships. How we choose to respond to these experiences is what matters.

  • MOVEMENT: Finding ways that movement feels good for each of us, and attuning to the messages of our body, are fundamental to healing and greater well-being.

  • STILLNESS: Finding ways to quiet our over-active minds and reach a level of stillness opens up profound possibilities for connecting to our inner wisdom, intuition, insight, soul, creativity, purpose, and meaning.

  • SELF-CARE: It is essential that we first take the time to care for ourselves and know what heals, balances, and nourishes us so that we have the stability and strength to care for others. Healing ourselves starts a ripple effect for collective healing and well-being. 

  • GRATITUDE: Recognizing current struggles AND also still feeling gratitude for the little things we do have in our lives offers deep potential for compassion, healing, and transformation. 

  • NOURISHING THE NERVOUS SYSTEM: Insights from neuroscience tell us that in today's modern world filled with prolonged, chronic stress, the nervous system needs our help to de-stress and restore inner balance and calm. The good news is that we now know some great ways to do this!

  • COLLECTIVE JOURNEY: We are all on this journey together!

Image by Tatenda Mapigoti

"When we heal ourselves, we heal the world."

--Mark Nepo, Author, Poet, Philosopher

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About Meret Keller
Founder, Wise Wellness Toolkit

Meret is a developmental and health psychologist. In 2012, she experienced several concussions that sent her on a health and wellness journey to heal numerous physical and emotional challenges including headaches, concentration issues, fatigue, depression, hypertension, and PTSD.

Morning Flower

As part of her health journey, she explored a number of healing modalities. She found invaluable resources from many experienced health and wellness practitioners, and also enjoyed learning about simple wellness and healing tools that she could do on her own at home. She found success in acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, somatic psychotherapy, meditation, spiritual and intuitive wellness, and mind-body practices based on acupressure principles such as EFT tapping and energy medicine. Her active journey to find brain health and healing brought her to a healthier and more integrated connection between her brain and her mind, body, and spirit. 


Meret began her formal course of study as an undergraduate at Duke University in Political Science. She holds a master's degree in Social Ecology and a Ph.D. in Psychology and Social Behavior from the University of California, Irvine, with a special emphasis on Developmental Psychology and Health Psychology. She has been a member of the American Psychological Association (APA) for over two decades, and has completed additional workshops and trainings in attachment, mindfulness, meditation, energy psychology, mindful self-compassion, resilience/post-traumatic growth, neuroscience, and trauma. She is excited to be close to completing a certification as a Health and Wellness Coach (AFPA) and a Polyvagal-Informed Certification for Health and Wellness Coaches (The Polyvagal Institute). She lives in the hills of Los Angeles, California with her family and shepherd dog, and is grateful for her husband and three kids (ages 15, 20, and 25). 

Her hope is that by sharing the foundational skills and tools about healing from stress as well as physical and emotional trauma, that she may inspire others who are struggling on their own wellness journey. She is excited and committed to bring you the latest and best wise resources for resilience, health, and well-being via this website. 

"Along with the suffering of these times is a profound possibility:  If we are intentional,

we can respond to this crisis by calling forth our deepest wisdom, our full compassion.

And together, we can help create a more loving and just world."


--Tara Brach, Ph.D. 

Psychologist, Meditation Teacher, and Author

Wherever you are at right now -- whether you want a quick go-to for minimizing stress and anxiety, you want some ideas to build your resilience, or you are curious about optimizing your well-being on a deeper physical, psychological, or spiritual level -- now is a perfect time to start or refresh your health and wellness journey. We invite you to explore these wellness tools and hope that you find something that is of value and deeply matters to you. And we hope that you may share them with loved ones as well, if the time is right, so that we all may journey together towards a more balanced, healed, energetic, joy-filled, and fulfilling life!

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