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"Make your own well-being the start of global well-being."

– Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey  

A Collection of wisdom And Skills for




Do You Need Easy, Empowering Resources To
Relieve Stress?

Explore numerous powerful ways to optimally respond to stress to create a calmer, more balanced, and more fulfilling life. Find out how your own ideas about stress directly impact your resilience, and how to navigate and respond to stress in wise ways. See which of the many simple tools work best for you!

Looking For Simple Resources to Support Your Immune System? 

Learn simple ways to strengthen your immune system to keep your body strong and give it the best possible chance to fight off disease and illness. Many excellent tools are available that can make a vast difference. Explore these options, from 20 seconds to 20 minutes, and find out what works best for you and your body.

Short on Time? Check Out Our Quick Tips & Tools Resource Guide

Dive straight into 

FOUR -SQUARE BREATHING  or the HAND-ON-YOUR-HEART exercise for easy, quick, powerful one-minute resources for restoring balance and calm when you are stressed. Super easy to learn, these are 2 excellent go-to tools to use either in the moment or as part of a daily practice.

About The Wise Wellness Toolkit

Would you like to navigate the rocky terrain of this global crisis with grace and ease? The Wise Wellness Toolkit is a collection of empowering skills and simple techniques to help you on your journey to optimal health and wellness during turbulent times. Grounded in principles of psychology, the latest science, ancient wisdom traditions, neuroscience, lived experience, and the profound connections between the mind, body, and spirit, the Wise Wellness Toolkit offers a wide range of largely free resources to help you thrive while living in a world that can sometimes feels overwhelming, complex, and demanding. This collection of invaluable and trusted tools -- curated from psychologists, neuroscientists, physicians, meditation teachers, spiritual leaders, thought leaders, and health practitioners -- has helped millions of people experience greater calm, balance, strength, healing, resilience, growth, transformation, hope, and even joy during times of darkness and uncertainty. These foundational resources can do the same for you on your own journey toward optimal health and wellness. Whether you are curious about exploring a range of options for your physical, psychological, or spiritual wellness -- or simply want to find an easy, quick way to feel more relaxed -- there's something here for everyone. Welcome!


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