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So Many Ways to Ease Stress!


The truth is, we all experience stress on some level. How we respond to our stressful experience can make a profound difference in our lives. By acknowledging, naming, accepting, and allowing that stress is a part of life, and that it often comes with difficult emotions, we can then take the next step in our health and well-being. We can actively respond in wise ways that help us move beyond a state of constant fight-flight distress to a place of greater balance and calm. From this balanced place, it is possible to navigate life's challenges better, be less reactive to stressful situations, choose our path, grow and flourish. 

Find out more about how the brain and nervous system respond to stress, and why it is essential that we use the energy from our stressful emotions to help our mind and body shift to a state of parasympathetic relaxation. 

Everyone is different. You may be experiencing an overwhelming amount of stress, grieving a loss, taking care of elderly parents or young ones, experiencing grave financial hardship, or fighting on the front lines. You may be experiencing other large or small challenges in your relationships, finances, or health. Or you may be feeling pretty good about finding moments of calm in your life and simply want to explore new resources. 

Go straight to the best simple 1-minute tips for calming your stress!

Be kind to yourself and start with where you are. See which of the wellness tools below resonates with you. Be patient. Sometimes you may feel better after a few minutes, and sometimes it may take some time. Celebrate the small successes. And share what you learn with someone who may also want to respond to stress with greater ease and feel more balanced and more like their best self.

Image by Jenny Hill

Sleep-Move-Eat Well

Learn about smart and simple lifestyle choices that research suggests are key factors in restoring balance and reducing stress in your life.

Image by Drahomír Posteby-Mach

Perceptions & Beliefs

Take a look at 4 key research findings on how our attitudes and responses to stress have profound implications on the way we experience our life.


Resilience Practices

Explore 50+ ideas for things you can do today to promote resilience, from connecting with others and watching less news, to feeling gratitude.


Being Fully Present

Observing our experience helps us live in the present moment, rather than worrying about the past or future. Learn more about what Sam Harris calls a superpower. 

Image by Aaron Burden

Meditating for Calm

Even a brief daily meditation practice lessens anxiety and relieves stress. Whether you are experienced or new to meditation, discover something that works for you.


Be Kind To Yourself

Are you as kind to yourself as you would be to a friend in a similar situation? Research tells us self-compassion offers many benefits, including easing stress. 

Image by Darius Cotoi

Balance Your Energy

Explore tools to ease stress and promote health by balancing your body's energy pathways using tapping, energy medicine, and energy psychology.

Image by Eneko Uruñuela


Yoga, tai chi, pilates, and other mind-body practices are perfect for people who want to move their body as they promote relaxation and ease stress/anxiety.

Image by Prateek Gautam


In times of stress, connecting to something greater than yourself can be a source of strength, whatever that means for you (God, nature, art/music, the universe, Mother Earth).

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