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spiritual Resources for easing stress and finding Inner calm and Peace

Some people find that looking to something greater than themselves can be a source of strength during stressful moments. Spirituality is a personal thing, so whatever aligns with your beliefs and feels right will be best for you, whether it may be spending time in nature, God, Mother Earth, art or music, the Divine Mother, or connecting to the larger universe.

Here are a few guided meditations by meditation teacher, author, and psychologist Tara Brach that offer deep support and loving presence during difficult times from either a person you know whom you perceive as calm, wise, and compassionate, or from a being greater than yourself (whomever you imagine that to be). Listen and emerge replenished and renewed.

Image by Stefan Grage

Calling On Loving Presence Meditation (18 Min)

"Often, when we’re really struggling, the only way to find compassion for ourselves is by reaching out to a larger source of love. We might for instance take refuge by calling on the Buddha, Divine Mother, God, Jesus, Great Spirit, Shiva, or Allah – reaching towards a loving awareness that is great enough to offer comfort and safety to our wounded self. When we feel held by a caring presence, by something larger than our small frightened self, we begin to find space in our heart for the difficult currents of our life, and for the lives of others. The suffering that might have seemed 'too much' can now awaken us to the sweetness of compassion." (Tara Brach)

Reflection: Transforming Suffering and Awakening The Heart (12 Min)

"There is power and potential in a time of darkness to remind us of what we really cherish. In this reflection, we practice ways of paying attention that can help us transform suffering into freedom, in our own lives and in the world around us." (Tara Brach)

(This meditation is a blessing for yourself and extending to all beings.)

Guided Meditation for Times of Pandemic: 

Calling On Your Awakened Heart (24 Min)

"In the midst of difficulty we need access to our deepest wisdom and love. This guided meditation calls forth this loving presence by opening to the heart and spirit of whatever being in our life we most experience as calm, wise and compassionate." (Tara Brach)

Guided Meditation: Calling On Your Future Self (12 Min)

"We have within us the wisdom and compassion that can carry us through the most challenging times. This meditation guides us in accessing these inner

resources by calling on the most evolved part of our being." (Tara Brach)

Deep Healing Meditation

Author, mystic, and spiritual teacher Rebecca Campbell leads this beautiful guided meditation that invites you to rebalance, rejuvenate, and replenish any part of you that believes it needs healing. 

rebecca campbell courageous heart and soul callings meditation

Renew Yourself: Body, Mind & Spirit

This is the first day of Deepak Chopra and J Balvin's 21-Day Meditation Renewal. This is the introduction to the full 21-day experience, so its focus is on reconnecting to the body as a source of energy and joy. Week 2 embraces the active mind, and Week 3 is a beautiful connection and alignment with your soul, spirit, or inner wise self. Also available in Spanish, this 21-day meditation experience is grounding and uplifting. 

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