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Tools from Energy Psychology To Ease Stress And Feel Better

Interested in Research on Energy Psychology and EFT Tapping?

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Energy psychology blends principles of acupuncture and energy meridians with Western psychology. Removing blockages in our energetic pathways that come from stress creates space for the body's energy systems to be more balanced and flow more smoothly, which increases our health, energy, and vitality. Explore these simple, easy-to-follow-along tools you can do at home to reduce stress, fear, and anxiety and help yourself feel better!

Energy Medicine Tools

Energy Medicine pioneer Donna Eden and clinical psychologist David Feinstein introduce 3 simple tools for relieving stress and anxiety:  Holding the hand on the forehead, Hand over heart/tap on the back of the hand, and Stress blow-out with the arms and breath. By connecting with the body's energy systems and meridians, these movements interrupt the body's fight-flight-freeze stress response by redirecting blood flow from the arms and legs back to the thinking brain, and by reducing the stress hormone cortisol. Explore

and see which of these simple exercises help you feel better!


Energy Psychology Tools

Resources For Resilience, a project of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, offers simple exercises based on mind-body-energy systems, Western psychology and neuroscience that can help people recover more easily from stress by helping the body and the mind work together. Explore and find one that can become your favorite go-to during times of stress, anxiety, or fear. One simple exercise, Connected Heart Breathing, takes as little as 30 seconds or can be used up to a few minutes to calm an anxious feeling.

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The Tapping Solution

Tapping is an empowering tool to help shift your mind and body out of the survival brain's stress response and into a more relaxed state. Combining Eastern medicine with modern psychology, tapping utilizes points along the body's energy pathways (similar to those used by acupuncturists) to send calming signals to the part of the brain governing the fight/flight/ freeze stress response. Tapping with your fingers on specific points on your hand, head and chest may look and feel a little funny at first, but emerging research suggests it can be effective to help release physical pain and emotional stress. And countless people report feeling better after tapping!

Click here to access the free Releasing Anxiety tapping meditation (10 min)

Click here to access Tapping 101 (the basic how-to of tapping for beginners)

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