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Guided Imagery Meditations And Affirmations

By Belleruth Naparstek of Healthjourneys

belleruth naparstek healthjourneys guided imagery meditation general wellness


We love Belleruth. HealthJourneys offers an incredible array of audio CDs, downloadable MP3s, and a HealthJourneys app addressing a wide range of physical and emotional issues, stress relief, general wellness and relaxation, as well as additional programs for teen stress and relaxation for kids. For many years now, we have personally used or recommended for loved ones many of Belleruth's soothing meditations, including those for relieving headaches, tinnitus, reducing high blood pressure, depression, healthful sleep, immune support, easing pain, peak performance, concentration and focus, anger and forgiveness, procrastination, post-traumatic stress, promoting a successful surgery, helping fight cancer, and helping deal with chemotherapy. 

healthy_immune_system_1_1 (1).jpg

Here are our latest personal favorites, set to relaxing background music:  

  • Supporting a Healthy Immune System, which we love to do whenever we feel like we are fighting off a sore throat or any physical illness

  • Promoting General Wellness, which includes a relaxation component (you imagine you are at a safe, peaceful place, real or imagined), and a healing component (you imagine a powerful and yet soft, beautiful, healing white light, a breeze, and a mist that surround your body, softening and dissolving the tightness of physical discomfort and old hurts, cleansing and nourishing your body, clearing the way for spaciousness, peace, freedom, and strong new growth). 


You can even fall asleep listening to Belleruth's relaxing voice, or listen to her uplifting affirmations when you are driving or getting dressed in the morning, or anytime really!

NOTE:  These guided imagery meditations are available to download. And some of Health Journeys' guided imagery meditations are now available in Spanish!

tara brach meditations for emotional healing

Meditations for Emotional Healing: 

Finding Freedom in the Face of Difficulty

With tara Brach

tara brach finding true refuge

Finding True Refuge: 

Meditations for Difficult Times 

With tara Brach


These are some of the best emotional healing guided meditations we've found. Part narrative, part guided meditation, these audios offer a way to connect to a compassionate being (whatever that means for you -- a spiritual figure, a kind friend or therapist, a wise famous person, a pet) -- and experience a felt sense of safety, love, and healing.


Guided Meditations for Self-Healing:  Essential Practices to Relieve Physical and Emotional Suffering and Enhance Recovery

With Jack Kornfield


Jack's deep expertise, kindness, and wisdom shines through in this collection of meditations designed to guide people through challenging periods in their lives. He has such a calm and soothing voice, and these healing meditations are excellent in their ability to enhance our capacity

for healing our physical body, our emotions, and our spirit when we are suffering or in pain. Two hours in length, this audio includes some discussion and then some powerful meditations that highlight using the earth as a grounding and restorative presence, connecting to your inner wisdom and hearing wise words and messages from the "great healer," and sending a loving kindness and light to all the places in your body that are in pain and in need of healing. Along with Tara's healing meditations, these are some of the best meditations we've discovered for deep healing and renewal. 

rebecca campbell connect to your soul

With Rebecca campbell


Rebecca's guided meditations are set to calming music and offer a profound experience of nourishment, healing, and renewal. In the Earthing Meditation you are grounded and connected to deep healing and nurturing from Mother Earth by imagining sending roots deep into the center of the earth. The Pillar of Light Meditation brings divine light energy down from above, and up from the earth, to protect, strengthen, and nourish you. The Fill Up Your Well Replenishment Meditation is deeply soothing and brings powerful, supportive, nurturing energy up from Mother Earth and unlimited light energy from the Universe into your body and heart to help you connect to the whispers of your soul/spirit/inner light/wise intuitive self, and feel held, grounded, healed, loved, and whole.

Or listen to the Deep Healing Meditation to release negative emotions, stress, and anxiety, which Rebecca offers for free.

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