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Spiritual Resources for Health, Healing and Protection for Yourself and Others 

Meditation for Perfect Health for the Global Community


Physician, author, and meditation teacher Deepak Chopra teams up with Oprah WInfrey for a beautiful meditation extending hope, health and healing to the entire global community, 

Meditation for Perfect Health for the Global Community

Live Community Intention to Heal from Coronavirus

Lynne McTaggart, Investigative journalist and author on topics of intention, spirituality, and science, offers a group intention meditation from August 2020 with the following intention statement:

Intention Statement: 'Our intention is that all areas in America and Europe with an upsurge of cases of coronavirus be immediately, permanently and completely curtailed with no more fatalities so that rapid transmission drastically declines.’

(The intention meditation begins at 9:20 following a brief talk.)

Global Meditation and Prayer for preventing and healing from coronavirus

This guided meditation and global prayer from Marianne Williamson is inclusive of people of all religions and all spiritual beliefs. It is designed to individually and collectively imagine (in whatever way aligns with your beliefs) bringing white protective light from a "divine physician" to ourselves, to our communities, and across the globe to help us heal from and prevent coronavirus. 

Egg of LIght Meditation

joan borysenko

Joan Borysenko offers her lovely and comforting Egg of Light Meditation -- imagining light from a great star of light above you pouring down over yourself and flowing through your body like a waterfall for energy, grounding, protection and blessing, cleaning and purifying your lungs, and carrying away toxins and darkness.


Egg of Light Meditation

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