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Best Quick, Easy, and Powerful Tools to Help Your Immune System become stronger and more resilient

Looking for a few key take-aways from the Wise Wellness Toolkit on things you can do today to help support the strength and resiliency of your immune system? Just remember these simple, empowering, best tools!

Best Quick And Easy Tool To Strengthen Your Immune System Today (1 Minute) 

Thymus Thump

Use your fist to thump the thymus point, which is in the middle of the chest. You may also use your fingers to firmly tap or massage the chest. Do it every day for 20-30 seconds, or up to several times daily if you feel you may be getting sick. The thymus is considered the "brain of the immune system,", so thumping or firmly tapping it stimulates special illness-fighting cells that help protect us from viruses and bacteria. Kids love this one. So simple!


Note:  If you can't do this exercise physically, you can also benefit if you imagine yourself doing it in ​your mind (just as athletes' muscles and body benefit by visualizing themselves practicing their sport).

Best Quick And Easy Tools To Strengthen Your Immune System Today --  if you are feeling well and want to stay strong and resilient

Immune Activation Points (3 Minutes)

With energy systems expert Prune Harris, learn how to target activation points in the immune system to help keep it balanced and strong.

Stay Healthy, Build Your Resiliency (6 Min)

Prune Harris shares 3 simple energy systems tools that support a healthy, resilient, balanced, and strong immune system and body.

Best Quick And Easy Tool To Strengthen Your Immune System Today -- if you are Not feeling well (6 Minutes) 

To Help When You Are Ill

Prune Harris's soothing voice makes it easy to follow along and do these simple techniques to help your immune system become more balanced and strong even as you rest in bed.

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