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COVID Quick Guide

Covid quick guide

We are deeply appreciative of the work of physicians, nurses, hospitals, and other first responders during the coronavirus pandemic for patients who are needing hospital care.


But what do you do if you are at home and you want to do whatever you can to prevent illness, or help yourself get stronger and healthier if you are not feeling well?


In the event that you are seeking some at-home care for yourself or a loved one so that you hopefully will never need to go to the hospital, here are some ideas for specific things you can start doing today to feel empowered to:

  1. Help your body be strong and resilient to help prevent COVID-19, and

  2. Help your body recover if you may have COVID-19, you are not ill enough to require hospital care, and you want some guidelines as to what to do at home to help your lungs and your body heal.

What to do to supercharge yourself against COVID-19

Until a successful vaccine is discovered, this is a useful guideline from top functional medicine physician Elena Klimenko, M.D., on how to help you cope at home if you have tested positive for COVID-19 or if you are experiencing symptoms but have not been able to get tested yet (e.g., sleep, manage stress, fluids, nourishing foods, and vitamins such as Vitamin C, zinc, and more). 

Click below to find a solid set of recommendations from the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona on how to reduce the risk of getting the coronavirus, and things you can do to support your strength and your health if you are feeling ill.

Easy, Powerful Mind and Body Tools to Start Strengthening your Immune System Today

  • Thymus Thump:  Use your fist to thump the thymus point, which is in the middle of the chest. You may also use your fingers to firmly tap or massage the chest. Do it every day for 20-30 seconds, up to several times daily if you feel you may be getting sick. Thumping or firmly tapping the thymus stimulates special illness-fighting cells that help protect us from viruses and bacteria. So simple anyone can do it! 

  • Follow along with any of these simple Energy Medicine tools to strengthen and support your immune system

Energy Medicine Tools for the Immune System

  • Listen to Belleruth Naparstek and Health Journey's easy and relaxing Immune System guided imagery meditation

Health Journeys Free App With Immune System Guided Imagery

  • Prune Harris has 2 free online mini-courses to balance your energy and restore health, vitality and resilience against COVID

Free COVID Immune System Courses With Prune Harris

  • 9-Day Prevention Course

  • 15-Day Course If You Have COVID

Prune states that these courses are here to help you "if you are overwhelmed and unsure of what you can be doing effectively on a daily basis to stay strong and healthy, or to get back to being strong and healthy." These excellent 2 courses can guide you and help you feel "confident about what you can do to help balance your energy so you are in your most vibrant health and strongest matter what you are dealing with in your daily life."

  • Take a look at Emmett Miller of Health Journeys' guided imagery meditations for prevention of viral infections from the flu to the coronavirus, and for battling infections with a strong and balanced immune response to use if you already have COVID.

Emmett Miller of Health Journeys guided imagery meditations

  • Resisting and Preventing Viral Infection

  • Overcoming Viral Infection

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