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Black Voices In Wellness

Here are some excellent resources for Black voices with supportive expertise in mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, healing, yoga, transformation and renewal, and general health and wellness.

black voices in wellness page

Justin Michael Williams


Justin Michael Williams is a meditation teacher, speaker, musician and author.  His book Stay Woke:  A Meditation Guide For The Rest Of Us acknowledges people's pain and struggle while also offering deep inspiration for personal growth, awakening, healing, taking action, and transformation. 

Masterclasses, Courses, and Podcasts

Meditations with Justin Michael  Williams

Rhonda Magee, J.D.


Meditations with Rhonda Magee

Author of The Inner Work of Racial Justice: Healing Ourselves and Transforming Our Communities Through Mindfulness, Rhonda Magee is a Professor of Law and a mindfulness teacher. She brings mindfulness and compassion practices to social justice, law, leadership, and education to support individual and collective healing, presence, and transformative change.  

Article: Mindfulness and Race: Reflections on Truly Changing the World

Article:  Inner Work of Racial Justice

Video: Brokenhearted and Brave: Engaged Mindfulness and a New Birth of Criminal Justice

jasmine marie black girls breathing breathwork

Jasmine Marie, Founder of Black Girls Breathing


Check out Jasmine's monthly Virtual Breathwork Circles!

Jasmine Marie offers self-identified Black women a safe space for the healing experience of breathwork, which is "a powerful active meditation technique used to usher stagnant energy out of the

Virtual Breathwork

Circle Series

body, help acknowledge and release difficult emotions and traumas, and decrease anxiety and stress by reframing the nervous system’s response to triggers, thereby creating space for more creativity, self-trust, self-love, and feeling grounded and centered." In addition to monthly breathwork circles, she also offers calming guided audio meditations that you can find on her site for anyone who wants to find a calming experience.

The monthly Virtual Breathwork Circle is a donations-based sliding scale event from $0 - $25. Donations from non-Black allies are also kindly accepted to support the mission of creating space for 100+ Black women to receive the mental health and healing benefits of monthly meditational breathwork sessions for one year!

Lauren Ash


Lauren Ash is a yoga and meditation teacher, speaker, writer, and founder of the online wellness community Black Girl in OM. 

Meditation for Living with Gratitude and Abundance

Black Girl in OM

Ruth King, M.A. in Clinical Psychology


Ruth King is an Insight Meditation Teacher, educator and author. She uses the tools of mindfulness and meditation to educate, heal, transform, and inspire for greater personal and cultural well-being.

Meditations with Ruth King

Inspiring Talks with Ruth King

Ruth King Meditations on the Liberation Meditation App for BIPOC 

Black Voices in Yoga and Wellness


Explore a few of the leading Black voices in yoga and wellness. Many offer a variety of free yoga opportunities on YouTube.

Explore Black Voices in Yoga

Black Boys Om


A nationwide network of over 200 Black male yoga instructors and meditation teachers, Black Boys OM seeks to bring health and wellness practices to Black boys and men to inspire, heal and transform individuals and communities for positive and lasting change. 

Black Boys OM

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